Quantitative Methods for Causal Inference

In cooperation with the Danish Political Science Research School the Department of Political Science has the pleasure to offer a course titled Quantitative Methods for Causal Inference.

The course is taught by Professor Thad Dunning, Yale University. Professor Dunning has contributed widely to the literature on Causal Inference and is among the leading scholars in the field.

The course takes place at the University of Southern Denmark (Odense), from October 24th to October 27th 2012.

Course description

This course focuses on the use and analysis of research designs such as field and natural experiments in the social sciences.  It teaches quantitative tools for both experimental and observational studies, including matching and instrumental-variables regression, and introduces students to the analysis of regression-discontinuity designs.  The merger of quantitative and qualitative methods will also be discussed. No more than 40 students are admitted to the course. STATA and R is the software that is used in this course.


In order to be admitted into the course students have to have a solid background in OLS regression including a firm understanding of the assumptions behind this technique.


Students admitted to the course have to provide transportation and accommodation while in Odense.


In order to be admitted to the course prospective participants have to send an abstract (max 250 words) explaining how their research would benefit from participating in the course. The abstract should be e-mailed to Dorte Cort Nebel (dcn@sam.sdu.dk)  no later than Friday September 14th. In the following week we notify everybody on whether they have been admitted to course or not. That week we also provide a more detailed schedule including a list of suggested readings.


Below is a list of relatively cheap hotels in Odense that could be used by participants.

Cabinn Odense; DanHostel Odense; Ydes Hotel


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