Standing Group Summer School grants 2013

ECPR is changing their procedure for allocating grants for summer schools organized by the standing groups, see below. If your institution is interested in organizing a summer school on behalf of the Analytical Politics and Public Choice group, please contact me on bjorn.hoyland at


In response to an increase in demand for ECPR support of Summer Schools organised by Standing Groups, the number of grants that are available has been increased to 6 grants  per year.

The Standing Group Summer School Grant is designed to contribute towards costs associated with organising Summer Schools run by Standing Groups. A maximum of £4,000 (or Euro equivalent) per Summer School can be claimed. This maximum amount is based on the Summer School consisting of at least 10 teaching days. If Summer Schools are shorter than this, the grant is paid on a pro rata basis. 

The grant would be dependent upon receipt of a proper report and evidence that the summer school is running well. There are no restrictions on the use of the grant as long as it serves to make the organisation of the Summer School possible, but the ECPR’s auditors will require documentation to support expenditure.

The system for applying for a Summer School grant has changed slightly. Applications are no longer for a series of Summer Schools in future years, but there will be an annual call for a Summer School to be organised during the following year. Applications that have already been approved under the old system will be honoured and need not be resubmitted. As a consequence, two of the six available grants for 2013 are already committed.

We now call on Standing Groups to apply for one of the remaining grants. ECPR Central Services will be happy to offer any advice to Standing Group summer school organizers should they require it. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

If you would like to apply for funding for your 2013 Summer School, please complete the attached form, and return it to me by 1 November 2012.



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