ECPR Standing Group Analytical Politics and Public Choice

Analytical politics and public choice

Analytical politics combines systematic theoretical thinking and rigorous empirical testing. One major source of inspiration is the literature on collective choice problems, which examines the relationship between individual and collective interests. Another line of interest is generated by studies that link developments in a formal theory with sound empirical research strategy.

Theoretical approaches and empirical testing

We are committed to rigorous theoretical approaches as well as empirical testing which will provide a forum for different scholars interested in these principles and working in different areas. This reflects our conviction that theoretical models without empirical testing are of little relevance to the development of contemporary social science. On the other hand, we consider a sound theoretical basis and analytical rigour as indispensable foundations of any kind of empirical research.


We welcome like-minded scholars who would like to use this forum for discussion and exchange of ideas. We propose a number of activities designed to facilitate such an exchange, including a newsletter, regular meetings as part of ECPR and other international conferences and a summer school. Information about these events will be regularly posted on the Standing Group’s website and will also be spread by means of our virtual newsletter.


Daniel Finke

Professor, Department of Political Science
Heidelberg University


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